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The New Video From The Goldy lockS Band!


SHow some love!

Can you push a vacuum?
A broom?
Move your feet to the beat?
Write on a T-shirt?

Get ready to sweep the dance floor and vacuum up the competition because it's time for the ultimate cleaning extravaganza!


Imagine the scene: you and your trusty vacuum cleaner or broom, gliding across the room in perfect harmony to the infectious melody of "Just Say Yes."


It's not just about tidying up anymore; it's about unleashing your inner dance superstar and letting loose in the most unexpected way possible. With every twirl, twist, and sweep, you'll be showing off your unique style and creativity for a chance to win some fantastic cash prizes.

How MUCH cash?

Wad+of+Cash+Pink+Band+Cover+WM+1 copy.png

1st Place Winner = $1 k

2nd Place Winner = $500

3rd - 10th place

some amazing candles from Shining Sol Candle Company.


Eligibility CriteriA

🎉 Welcome to the most inclusive contest ever! 🎉


Open to ALL ages. If you can vacuum or push a broom you can enter.


1st & 2nd prize recipients can be anywhere in the world. 3rd - 10th place must live inside the USA to receive your candles.

Here at The Goldy lockS Band, we believe in spreading joy and including everyone in the fun! That's why we're thrilled to announce that ALL are welcome to participate, yes, even your BFFs, cousins, and that funny uncle who tells dad jokes at family gatherings!

So, here are the scoopity-doops on who can join:

  • Friends? Yup, they're in!

  • Relatives? Oh yeah, they're eligible too!

  • Random acquaintances you met at a party once? Absolutely, bring 'em along!


We want this contest to be a celebration of friendship, family, and all the connections in between. So, whether you're related by blood, friendship bracelets, or just a mutual love for competitive spirit, you're invited to join the fun!


Participants are to watch the dance video tutorial below demonstrated & choreographed by Andrea Woodward the owner of

Hermitage Dance Academy & instructor/choreographer Kimberly Basnight.


Ok, how do I do this?



Get a blank T-shirt and write “Just Say Yes” & “Shining Sol” in marker or a Sharpie.


Video yourself dancing to Just Say Yes on the chorus. See more below. You can stream the song, use music from the actual video, or download it here:



Post your video to your social media platform/s (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, doing your best rendition of the “Just Say Yes” vacuum cleaner dance. It doesn’t have to be perfect! The key is to post and use hashtags: #JustSayYesGoldylockSBand #VacDance & #ShiningSol. Also on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, we would so appreciate if you would include @GoldyLocksRocks handle. LinkedIn tag @GoldyLocks. Facebook, tag @GoldyLocksBand. You can talk or say something fun or funny also. Just try and keep it under 60 seconds so it qualifies as a “reel”. Reels organically get more views! You can enter as many social platforms as you'd like to but we advise your platform with the most followers who can comment and join in on the fun!

IMPORTANT! Please email a link of your video URL to: so we can keep track of you!



Embrace the wild, the zany, and the downright ridiculous! This contest rule encourages you to let loose, throw caution to the wind, and unleash your inner goofball without worrying about judgment. Dance like nobody's watching, sing off-key at the top of your lungs, or tell jokes that make no sense—whatever tickles your funny bone!


Embracing the spirit of fun and foolishness is not just allowed; it's encouraged. So go ahead, be as wacky and outlandish as you want, because in this contest, the only rule is to let your freak flag fly high!

Oh One Important thing?

This challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.


The start of the contest is

February 15th, 12:00 am - close to April 1, 12:00 am.

The contest is officially closed.

Winners have been notified.


Push a vacuum or broom to the last chorus of "Just Say Yes".

Time is 2:51 - 3:07. You can stream the song, listen to the video here: or purchase it here as well.

If you download it from our website and pay for it, video yourself saying that. Include the hashtags to PLEASE MAKE US AWARE! We will feature as many people as we can on our socials in shout-outs! Write “Just Say Yes” & “Shining Sol” on any color blank. It can be old and ratty from your last work’s team building conference! Just turn it inside out and write the words!

No Profanity or choice words in your video. We are keeping this family-friendly for all. So any funny biz will be disqualified. No nudity either Golden Peeps. Keep it real.

Judging Criteria

Contestants will be judged on the most interaction for your post. Views count, but the determining factor will be the two videos

(1st & 2nd place) with the most REAL non-bot/bs comments.


Have your friends and family make the comments custom to you, your performance, and relevant. Include the hashtags #JustSayYesGoldylockSBand #VacDance & #ShiningSol in their comments for added fun and clarity.


Each cash winner will be paid the week of April 1st via PayPal, Venmo, or CashAp. Candles will be sent to the other winner’s homes or specified addresses. 



Winners will be notified the week of April 1st but PLEASE feel free to email us at if you can see you are in the running.

We want to make sure we see EVERYONE! Keep us in the loop of your competition so you are on our radar! We will be watching as well!

Additional rules

Alrighty, folks! Time for some straight talk with a side of fun! 🎉 Here's the scoop: when it comes to picking the winner, we've got the final say. Even if it's neck and neck or someone's engagement is a bit lower, if we miss your entry, well, we gotta roll with what we've got. 🏆 We're dishing out daily videos on our socials, so keep those peepers peeled! And hey, if someone's repost is blowing up with comments, they're grabbing the spotlight. So, it's on YOU to make sure we don't miss your awesome entry, or give us a gentle nudge to repost yours. Let's make this competition sizzle with excitement!

$1000 winner must have a minimum of 200 comment interactions to qualify. | $500.00 winner must have a minimum of 100 comment interactions to qualify.

Rights and Permissions

We're thrilled that you're considering joining in on the fun with our Just Say Yes contest! We can't wait to see the amazing videos you come up with.

Before you dive into filming your masterpiece, let's chat about contest Rights and Permissions, shall we?

By submitting your video entry to our contest, you're permitting us to use your video for promotional purposes. Don't worry, we're not going to hide your talent under a bushel. We want to showcase your incredible work to the world!

Here's the lowdown:


Ownership: You'll still own the rights to your video. We're just asking for permission to share it far and wide to spread the creative joy.

Promotional Use: Your video might be featured on our website, social media channels, advertisements, or other promotional materials related to the contest. Imagine your work getting the spotlight it deserves!

Credit Where Credit's Due: Of course, we'll always give credit where it's due. Your name will shine alongside your video whenever it's shared.

No Sneaky Business: We promise not to use your video for anything other than promoting the contest. Your trust means the world to us.

So Just Say Yes!

Remember, this contest is all about celebrating creativity and having a blast. So grab your camera, phone, friends, and family to unleash your imagination, and let's make sure everyone you know canJust Say Yeswith the Goldy lockS Band and willshare the lightwith Shining Sol!

THE Goldy lockS BAND logo fav icon.png


83910877_2842642655772264_5568194025728507904_n copy.jpg

🎸🎤 Get ready to party like a Rock Star with the ultimate live music experience featuring TNA IMPACTS Wrestling’s frontwoman Goldy Locks and The Goldy lockS Band! 🎶

🌟 With a resume that reads like a who's who of music legends,

The Goldy lockS Band has shared the stage with the biggest

names in the business, from rock gods to pop divas.

Now, they're bringing their electrifying energy and powerhouse performances to YOU!


🎉 Brace yourself for a night of non-stop entertainment, where the music is hot, the vibes are cool, and the memories are unforgettable. The Goldy lockS Band doesn't just perform, they put on a SHOW! 🚀

👏 But wait, there's more! This isn't your average concert – it's an interactive extravaganza! Get ready to be part of the action as they engage with the crowd, turning every venue into a party zone where YOU are the star!

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🎵 Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for a night of pure entertainment, The Goldy lockS Band delivers the goods with style, sass, and a whole lot of rock 'n' roll attitude. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic live and in person – book your corporate or private party now and get ready to rock with Goldy Locks! 🤘


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